Get your bags ready! The Skies are open! HalleluYAH!

Please be aware that public transport is going only until afternoon September 29.

Get to Jerusalem


Look out for this sign at the airport to find your guide to Jerusalem.

Let us know your ETA:



18 NIS per Person

Train to Jerusalem

from the airport

(ca. 20min)

Shared Taxi - "Sherut"


65 NIS per Person

Maybe best if you have a lot of lugagge.



Peace forest CAMPING

דרך גדוד 68, Jerusalem, Israel

(Near First Train Station/Bible Hill)

Additionally you might want to get a Sim to Israel e.g.
HalleluYAH! For the first time we have a Welcome Team!
The welcome team is for people who need assistance getting from the airport to Jerusalem with public transport. This is a free service run by volunteers. 
Please put the time of your arrival here & look out for this sign at the airport to find your guide to Jerusalem.
Also - if you already know the way - and like to help newcomers, get in contact with our Arrival Committee Minister and be a part of the team...




From Camp Ephraim Minister of Transportation:


It is a good idea to have a look at this video before traveling if this is your first time arriving to Israel, Our Father's home Country for His people. The previous Minister of Transportation recommends it:
You may take:
High-Speed Direct Train to Jerusalem: Exit Terminal 3, turn left and walk to the Train Station Gate. You can buy a ticket to Jerusalem from the electronic Kiosk or the personal Kiosk if there is a person present at the gate. All public transit stops the afternoon of Friday in preparation for Shabbat. The Destination of your train and bus is Yitzhak Navon station / Central Bus Station, Jerusalem, Israel. About 20 NIS
Catch A Bus: Turn right when leaving the terminal and walk to the Bus Stop to catch the # 485 bus to Jerusalem. Destination of train and bus is Yitzhak Navon station / Central Bus Station.  About 20 NIS.
From Yitzhak Navon station / Central Bus Station, Jerusalemn - to - Peace Forest:
Take Bus Nr. 74, 75, 78 - to - "Yes Planet" 
From there it's an 8min walk to Peace Forest.
Sherut (shared taxi) from the Airport: Be taken to your final destination directly. The phone number in the "Call now" link on Nesher's web page seems to work properly in Israel, not sure about from abroad.  You should not need to call them to make any reservation going from the airport, but you have that option. Once you step out of the Airport there are several Sherutim vans going to several different cities yelling and trying to book passengers to fill up their van. Find a Jerusalem Sherut and wait for the driver to find enough passengers to fill up his van, sometimes for up to an hour or more. Between 65 and 100 NIS and in some cases can be paid in shekels, USD or with a card
Taxi: A taxi from the Airport to the Peace Forest will be something like 300NIS.
Some taxi drivers may tell you there is no train or no bus to convince you to hire them instead. Except for the various Shabbatim, there will be train or bus options, and if you must travel on Shabbat or a High Day then a Sherut should be available, but this will leave you buying and selling on a Shabbat which there is never any excuse for a Torah Keeper to be doing, we know better than to make such a fatal error in our relationship with Elohim. Yah will always make a way that does not require sin if you are faithful and diligent in your love for Him. A taxi would be good if you require more privacy than a shared Sherut will provide.
Welcome Committee: Look for the sign, likely beyond the baggage claim, and beyond the immigration check, out in the Arrivals Lobby, just before being outside where the trains and taxis are.  We will escort you from there using the Train method as mentioned above!  We look forward to welcoming you to Israel!
This Is Important For All Welcome Committee Users:
Please let other travelers know when you are arriving so that arrangements might be made. This is important!
We desire to help but we will be helping efficiently and in a well planned and organized way. Communicate early, what time you will be arriving. Fill out the Arrivals Sheet Here with your infos to ensure your travel from the Airport to Camp is a smooth one for you. If you have trouble with the sheet, contact the Arrivals Minister directly.  Once you have filled out the sheet, the Arrivals Minister should contact you with more information to welcome you Home to Israel!
Lastly, the only way our Camp operates is through volunteering. It is vital that everyone lends a helping hand. Find the Volunteer Sheet and in no more than 2 spots per day, fill in where you can lend a hand, now, before you begin your travels. God bless the work of your hands, and safe, smooth, and uplifting travels to you!
If you have trouble or questions,
contact Tom Griffin at 
preferably ahead of arriving at the airport
instead of when you are standing outside the doors unsure of what to do next :-)  
Here is a short video about Rav Kav cards (and a little bit about the app). 
There is a mention of not paying bus fines or train fines.  I don't agree with that. 
Just try to be careful with contracts/passes.  You can't go wrong with simple stored value, so that is the safest.  

Travel Regulations

PCR tests and Masks are no longer required!


Official Regulations:



For more info regarding tests, masks, etc:




See you in Jerusalem!

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