Get your bags ready! The Skies are open! HalleluYAH!

Please be aware that public transport is going only until afternoon Thursday May 25.

Get to Jerusalem



18 NIS per Person

Train to Jerusalem

from the airport

(ca. 20min)

Shared Taxi - "Sherut"


65 NIS per Person

Maybe best if you have a lot of lugagge.

Additionally you might want to get a Sim to Israel e.g.

From Camp Ephraim Minister of Transportation:


This is a GREAT video for new travelers to Israel, and it is only 15 minutes long.  Ignore the brief instruction about getting a CoViD PCR test at the airport;  it is no longer required.
Also, if you wish to take the high-speed direct train to Jerusalem (to the Central Bus station, not near the Peace Forest) then exit the Terminal 3 and turn left and walk down to the gate.  Getting good help from the official attendant is hit-or-miss.
Another option is to turn *right* when leaving the terminal and walk down to the bus stop to catch the # 485 bus. Train will not take cash (must buy a ticket).
The cost is almost the same for either (18 NIS), and both get you to the same spot in Jerusalem (Yitzhak Navon station / Central Bus Station).  
You will still need to take city public transportation (light rail, busses) to get to the Camp.(5-20 NIS and 30-60 minutes).
If you opt to use the sherut (shared taxi) from the airport, it will cost 3-4 times as much (65 NIS, or about $20 USD) but will take you to your final destination in Jerusalem. The phone number in the "Call now" link on Nesher's web page seems to work properly in Israel, not sure about from abroad.  You should not need to call them to make any reservation going from the airport, but you have that option.
Otherwise, just walk out of the terminal and look for the Yellow and White mini-vans.  You might need to wait for the van to fill up with other passengers  before leaving, so factor extra time into your plans.
You will most likely NOT need to take a regular taxi from the airport to Jerusalem. 
There are plenty of other options, and the taxi ride can cost  $80-$100 USD (250-300 NIS).  Also, some taxi drivers may tell you there is no train or no bus to convince you to hire them instead.  Except for Shabbat and holidays (high holy days of the festivals), there will *always* be train or bus options, and if you must travel on Shabbat or a high day then a sherut should be available.  Taxi would be good if you require more privacy than a shared sherut will provide.
Please let other travelers know when you are arriving so that "carpooling" arrangements might be made.  You can do this best in the camp Signal group. This is important!
We certainly desire to help but also do not wish to spend our entire festival waiting at the airport or on trains/busses to and from the airport.  We can provide the best help for all if you will help us to help you.
If you have trouble or questions,
contact Neville Newman on Signal at 
preferably ahead of arriving at the airport
instead of when you are standing outside the doors unsure of what to do next :-)  
Here is a short video about Rav Kav cards (and a little bit about the app). 
There is a mention of not paying bus fines or train fines.  I don't agree with that. 
Just try to be careful with contracts/passes.  You can't go wrong with simple stored value, so that is the safest.  

Travel Regulations

PCR tests and Masks are no longer required!


Official Regulations:



For more info regarding tests, masks, etc:




See you in Jerusalem!

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