We Plan to be in Jerusalem for Sukkot 2023: Sep. 27 - Oct. 8 2023

Just bring your own:

 - sleeping bag
 - plate/bowl/cup + cutlery

       - an instrument to bring an offering of praise


  • Sept. 27-30 - Let us know if you want to stay with us on the roof of Jerusalem Hostel
  • Oct.1-6 - We have a group reservation at the Peace Forest Campground
  • Oct 6-8 - For the last 2 nights PLEASE book independently
    • (Including tent & mattress from the campground)
    • 6 October - 8 October (checkout 10am) 
    • On Peace forest Campground
    • Here is the link: https://cityofdavid.org.il/en/product/camping-in-the-peace-forest/
      • Camping Reservations may be canceled or changed at no charge up to 3 business days before checkin
      • (Oct. 6-8 you need to book a tent & mattress from the campground as well)

Please, pray about where you can serve the Body
& make this Sukkot a blessing after Yah’s own Heart:
Sign your name on the volunteer sheet, not more than twice a day.

Also if you join from elsewhere in Yerushalayim,
Please sign your name on the volunteer sheet, not more than twice a day.

If you join from outside:
Please bring food ready to eat for as many people as you bring -
    - since our camping kitchen space is limited.

Mo'ed - Appointed Time

At the Mo'edim (Appointed Feasts) we are looking forward to spending time with YHVH our maker and host of the Feasts and Yeshua His outstretched arm our saviour, the lamb of Elohim,


and with each other - in praise and worship, biblestudies, common meals and fellowship, exploring HIS city, chilling etc.


Open Meeting at

Independence Park

on the weekly Shabbat from early afternoon

During Pesach and Sukkot

Peace Forest - Camping


Peace Forest Campground - 


Please Contact us for reservation



Price per night (including tent and mat)

  • 18+y     - 85 NIS  (or 2 ounces of silver for 3 nights)
  • 5-18y    - 70 NIS
  • 0-4y     - free
  • Family with 2 or more children  - 310 NIS



Peace forest CAMPING

דרך גדוד 68, Jerusalem, Israel


(Near First Train Station/Bible Hill)


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