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Second Pesach 2021, April 26        

Second Pesach Camp in Jerusalem 2021


At Second Pesach we are looking forward to spending time with YHVH our maker and host of the Feasts and Yeshua His outstretched arm our saviour, the lamb of Elohim,

and with each other - in praise and worship, biblestudies, common meals and fellowship, exploring HIS city, chilling etc.


For Pesach we are planning a camp in Jerusalem.

The city offered its help in securing a camp site.


You are invited to set up your tent and camp with us during the Feast of Pesach in Jerusalem. A limited number of tents as well as matresses and sleeping bags can be provided.


For further details and questions and to register please email us to


Some Taste of Pesach 2021 in Jerusalem





During the Pesach week and the Sukkot week

there will be an open meeting

at Independence Park

on Shabbat from early afternoon onwards.




For current information please contact us at:



or visit us on MeWe or GoshenSocial.

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