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Pesach 2019
in Jerusalem


After a very blessed Feast of Sukkot 2018 we are now approaching the next biblical year and with it Pesach 2019.

We would like to encourage you to follow ABBA’s invitation to celebrate Pesach with HIM in Jerusalem in Spring 2019.

As of now we don’t know yet the exact month of the Feast, though. It might be at the official date end of April.
However -
As we observed the early rains and beginning of winter this year in Israel, the barley might well be aviv already one month earlier, which would result in the beginning of Pesach around March 20th (PURIM on the Hillel II-based calendar).

If you know of anyone evaluating the development of the barley in Israel this year please let us know!

We are planning to set up a camp again about 20 min by light rail from the Independence Park. We felt led to that place at Sukkot and were welcomed even by the neighbors who provided water and electricity and invited us to come again.
So whether you are looking for no budget accomodation or just like to camp -
You are invited to join us in the camp. The weather at this time of the year might still be chilly, though, especially in the nights.

For details, please contact us at register@campephraim.org.

Right now we are preparing for an early Pessach end of March 2019.
However, we may also provide camping equipment for end of April.
If the barley won’t be aviv in time for a March Pessach, we’ll set up the camp only in April (beginning around 19th of April).

Be blessed in all your planning.


We are looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in Jerusalem!

Shalom and Blessings from Israel
Chris and Anke Guenther




During the Pesach week and the Sukkot week

there will be an open meeting

at Independence Park

on Shabbat from early afternoon onwards.






 What voice does your heart follow?
 "It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem."  1 Kings 12:28
 Jeroboam (1st King of the Northern Kingdom)
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, [...]
   how many times did I want to gather your children, [...] but you did not want!" Mt 23, 37
 Yeshua (King of Judah)
"Give YHWH your hand and come to his sanctuary,
   so that your brethren and your children will find mercy,
   so that they may return to this land."
2 Chr. 30
Hezekiah (King of Judah)
"I am pleased with those who say to me, let us go to the house of JHWH!
   now our feet are in your gates, Jerusalem, [...]
   where the tribes go up, the tribes of YHWH."
Ps 122
David (King of Judah)
Accommodation possibilities:
  Jerusalem Hostel: http://www.jerusalem-hostel.com
  Citadel Hostel: http://www.citadelyouthhostel.com
  Abraham Hostel: http://www.abrahamhostels.com/jerusalem/en/
  Private appartments:  http://www.airbnb.com
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