"Camp Ephraim represents those from around the world who follow Y'shua by following his torot.  We are all learning to walk in his ways and are in varying levels of understanding and obedience. This can create
challenges including when and how to worship, but we come together as one in heart and respect each others understandings.  When it involves differing times to celebrate the moedim, we are saddened that we are not all together in one place at one time, but know that Abba allows the differences in understanding to further his ultimate purpose in our
individual lives, as well as between us."



At Camp Ephraim the in-tent-ion is to follow the example of Elkana and his wives.

Even, when the place of worship was desecrated they would still come to keep the appointed times.

We share the „fate“ and the faith of Hannah that once was barren and later had many children. (1 Samuel 2, 1-10)


Hannah prayed, and said,

My heart rejoices in יהוה/YHVH […];

because I rejoice in thy ישוע/Yeshua.


יהוה/YHVH kills, and makes alive:

he   brings down to the grave,

and brings up.


יהוה/YHVH shall judge the ends of the earth;

and he shall give strength unto his king,

and exalt the horn of his משיח/Mashiach.


At Camp Ephraim our hearts rejoice in יהוה/YHVH


because we rejoice in His Yeshua/ישוע

whom יהוה/YHVH killed, and made alive :

whom יהוה/YHVH brought down to the grave, and brought up again –

Yeshua/ישוע – His Mashiach/משיח – our King



YHVH Elohim by whom HE will save.   Hosea 1,7


I, I am YHVH, and besides me there is no savior.   Isaiah 43,11


YHVH Zebaoth reigns on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem.   Isaiah 24,23

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