At Camp Ephraim the in-tent-ion is to follow the example of Elkana and his wives. Even, when the place of worship was desecrated they would still come to keep the appointed times.

We share the „fate“ and the faith of Hannah that once was barren and later had many children. (1 Samuel 2, 1-10)


Hannah prayed, and said,

My heart rejoices in יהוה/YHVH […];

because I rejoice in thy ישוע/Yeshua.


יהוה/YHVH kills, and makes alive:

he   brings down to the grave,

and brings up.


יהוה/YHVH shall judge the ends of the earth;

and he shall give strength unto his king,

and exalt the horn of his משיח/Mashiach.


At Camp Ephraim our hearts rejoice in יהוה/YHVH because we rejoice in His Yeshua/ישוע

whom יהוה/YHVH killed, and made alive :

whom יהוה/YHVH brought down to the grave, and brought up again –

Yeshua/ישוע – His Mashiach/משיח – our King

- and the only one we call Rabbi at Camp Ephraim.

And like Hannah one day soon we’ll say:

„I was bereaved and barren, exiled and put away, but who has brought up these?“ Jesaja 49,21

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